Glass Physics and Chemistry, 2016, 42(3), 230–237

A.A. Osipov, V.E. Eremyashev, A.S. Mazur, P.M. Tolstoi, L.M. Osipova

“Coordination State of Aluminum and Boron in Barium Aluminoborate Glass”

Glass Physics and Chemistry, 2016, 42(3), 230–237

This paper considers the coordination state of boron and aluminum ions in barium aluminoborate glass with a constant ratio of BaO : B2O3 = 0.5 and a variable ratio of Al2O3 : BaO = 0–3. The dependence of the concentrations of boron and aluminum atoms with a variable coordination number on the Al2O3 content was estimated by IR, 11B and 27Al NMR spectroscopy. The nonlinear nature of the obtained dependences was attributed to variations in the aluminum oxide properties. At a content of less than 30 mol % Al2O3 serves primarily as a network former, while an increase in the Al2O3 concentration results in its higher modifying role in the studied glass.

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