Announcing seminars on March 13th and 20th, 2014

Within the multidisciplinary seminars conducted by our Center, on March 13th and 20th there will be a lecture by Professor Miklos Gratzl of the Case Western Reserve University, USA, united by a common theme «Experimental approaches to study cellular and multicellular drug transport in cancer cells».

In this sequence of talks mechanisms of drug transport at single cells and in 3D multicellular constructs will be briefly reviewed. Experimental approaches to study some of these processes will then be presented in more detail. At the cellular level, drug delivery into single cells via passive and forced uptake and associated processes will be discussed. At the multicellular level, drug penetration, modulation of therapeutic efficacy by local hypoxia and acidification, and distribution of cell kill will be outlined based on the spheroid model, the microfluidic approach, and a new physical model of the capillary microenvironment. Movement of a classical small drug molecule and a plant‐ derived viral nano‐delivery vehicle will be discussed in these contexts.

Seminars will take place at 12:00 in room 1093 of the Chemical Faculty. There will be some tea, coffee and cookies. The lectures will be in English.


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