Polymer Science B, 2014

M.Ya. Goikhmana, N.P. Yevlampieva, I.V. Podeshvo, S.A. Mil’tsov, V.S. Karavan, I.V. Gofman, A.P. Khurchak, A.V. Yakimansky

“Polymers with Cyanine Chromophore Groups in the Main Chain: Synthesis and Properties”

Polymer Science B, 2014, 56, 352-359



Polyamides containing fragments of two cyanine chromophores in the main chain are synthesized, and their viscometric and electro-optical properties in solutions, as well as their stress-strain properties in films, are investigated. It is shown that the molecular characteristics of the copolyamides are substantially affected by chromophore fragments at a content of 10 mol %, while the mechanical properties of the films are independent of the chemical structures of chromophores incorporated into polyamide chains

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