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“МРТ взгляд” на процесс электролиза

МРТ изображения (спектрометр Bruker 400 WB Avance III) электрохимической ячейки, заполненной водным раствором хлорида железа (II), при различных напряжениях.

Glass Phys Chem, 2017, 43, 70–74

V.V. Tomaev, A.S. Mazur, A.S. Grevtsev

“A study of the process of thermal oxidation of lead selenide by the NMR and XRD methods”

Glass Phys. Chem., 2017, 43, 70–74

Studies of the process of oxidation of powder samples of lead selenide in a dry air atmosphere have been performed. As shown by the methods of X-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscopy, the process of thermal treatment of samples resulted in the formation of the PbSeO3 phase, aside from the initial PbSe phase. Studies by the method of nuclear magnetic response (NMR) allowed revealing the dynamics of changes in the spectrum under the changed thermal treatment conditions.