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Dr. Marco Braun

Dr. Marco Braun from “NMR Service GmbH”, Germany, has arrived for diagnosing and tuning our Tecmag Redstone spectrometer.


At the 3rd Russian-Mexican Workshop on Nanoparticles, Nanomaterials and Nanoprocessing our Ceter employees have presented the following oral presentations::

  • P. Tolstoy “Introduction to center for magnetic resonance at St Petersburg State University”;
  • A. Gurinov “NMR study of Lewis and Brønsted acidic centers of aluminated SBA-15 Silicas”;
  • E. Kurenkova “NQR/NMR studies in zero-field at Center for Magnetic Resonance”;
  • A. Shmyreva “Investigation of metal nanoparticles by the example of Co-59 NMR technic”;

and posters:

  • A. Kultaeva, S. Sukharzhevskii, A. Antipov “Study of hydroxyapatites structure by electron paramagnetic resonance”;
  • A. Vyvodtceva, M. Shelyapina, A. Privalov, F. Fujara, D. Fruchart “1H NMR study of hydrogen diffusion in the transition metal alloys lattice”.

Photos are in our gallery.

Later on collegues from Mexico have visited our Center.

RuMex-2013 excursion

Elena Kurenkova has got a certificate

Elena Kurenkova has attended the course in the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University and got the certificate.

Internal seminar 21.02

Elena Kurenkova presented a talk about modern diffusion NMR methods

An article is accepted for publication in the Solid State Phenomena

E. Kurenkova, A. Vyvodtseva, M. G. Shelyapina, V. I. Chizhik, A. V. Ievlev, N. E. Skryabina, A. G. Aleksanyan, D. Fruchart

1H NMR study of hydrogen site occupancy in hydrides of disordered Ti-V and Ti-V-Cr alloys”

Solid State Phenomena, 2012.

Elena Kurenkova has got a certificate

Elena Kurenkova has attended the course “Basics of the pulsed-field-gradient NMR for diffusion studies” in the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockhol, and got the certificate.