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G-RISC Workshop, part 1

19 and 21 May prof. Limbach held the first part of G-RISC Workshop “NMR as interdisciplinary tool for the study of non-covalent interactions”.
The program was as follows:

  • Hans Limbach Introductory lecture
  • Andrey Gurinov “NMR Study of Lewis and Brønsted acidic centers of aluminated SBA-15 silicas”
  • Ruslan Asfin “Advantages of IR spectroscopy in study of weak complexes in the gas phase”
  • Peter Tolstoy “Low-temperature NMR and combined UV-NMR spectroscopy”
  • Elena Tupikina “Hydrogen bonds formed by CH-acids: structure and NMR properties of 1,1-dinitroethane complexes with proton acceptors”
  • Mariya Sandzhieva “Cyclic trifluorometilated bromonium cation: formation, reactions and NMR study”
  • Svetlana Pylaeva “The influence of solvent fluctuations on proton transfer in complexes with strong hydrogen bonds studied by molecular dynamics”

Ганс ЛимбахАндрей ГуриновРуслан АсфинПётр ТолстойЕлена ТупикинаМария СанджиеваСветлана Пылаева

New computers in our hallway

We have got two new computers in a hallway in front of the room 1066. Now users can submit even more applications simultaneously!

Visit of the Nobel Prize winner

Today Ryōji Noyori, the Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry in 2001, visited our Center. The day before he became Honorary Doctor at St. Petersburg State University.


Internal seminar 14.03

Vladimir Gindin presented a talk about NMR investigations of intramolecular H-bonds and keto-enol tautomerism.

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Getting the first magnet out of the box