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Excursion 25.04.2014

Today a group of 1st year master students of the chemistry department visited our Center to get familiar with EPR.


Бизоньи зубы
A geoarchaeological expedition conducting research of Ortles Kherson settlements in the North-West of the Crimea of ancient times (5 – 3 cc. BC) have transferred some paleontological specimens of the teeth of animals to our Center. The samples will be dated and investigated by EPR.

On the way down to 4K

Testing EPR at liquid Helium level temperatures.

Setting up the EPR

IMG_2082 The power supply of the EPR spectrometer Elexsys E580 is back from warranty repair.
Start-up operations for the commissioning of the magnet, helium temperatures and ENDOR/TRIPLE techniques in CW-mode will continue until the end of March.

Setting up the Elexsys E580