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The new instrument in the CMR

A new NMR spectrometer – Bruker AVANCE 500 NEO was launch at the Center for Magnetic Resonance. The AVANCE NEO represents the next generation in the AVANCE series product line. The AVANCE NEO is based on a ‘transceive’ principle, meaning each NMR channel has both transmit and receive capabilities. So each channel is its own independent spectrometer with the full RF generation, transmission and receive infrastructure.

This architecture provides the greatest flexibility in terms of instrument configuration and multi-channel operation. Multi-receive experiments are easily implemented with this new approach.

The spectrometer will soon be equipped with a broadband
CryoProbe™ Prodigy (BBO), which will reduce the time of long heteronuclear NMR experiments by several times and significantly
reduce the waiting time for spectral data by users.

The cryomagnet of the spectrometer is equipped with an air suspension system that reduces vibrations and, as a result, significantly improves spectrum quality.

The spectrometer operates under the latest version of TopSpin 4 software, which implements the latest advances in spectral data processing and analysis.