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Sometimes our staff carry out the high-level service works.



Raspberries MRI, Bruker 400 MHz Avance III WB

Spectrum without substance

Not enough substance for NMR? Just add scheme of structure or candy.



SPA procedures



Science by “Argumenty i Fakty”

face palm

Readers of “Science” column in the “Argumenty i Fakty” may learn that “The Silmarillion” is an ancient scripture, on which “The Lord of the Rings” is based; that 13 000 years ago island of Númenor drowned in the Bermuda Triangle; that the One Ring rests at the bottom of Loch-Ness where the famous monster still guarding it.

Ufa scientists led by Professor Ernst Muldashev reveal secrets of the past (Russian only).

The unique technique

Dear Users,

In the Center we have developed a unique technique for measuring NMR spectra of carbon 12C. In connection with this since tomorrow measurements application of 13C will not be accepted. Note that samples for 12C spectra measurement must be prepared in special U-shaped square tubes. Applications for the new method of measurement shall be approved by all members of the Center.
You can download the application form here.

A moment of narcissism

HP WL HT NMR probe-2
In its ad of the high-temperature probeheads Bruker has placed the photo of the one owned by us. That confirms our probehead to be the most beautiful among all similar probeheads.

Logitech Ultimate BSMS Mouse G600B

Logitech in collaboration with Bruker has introduced a new G600B mouse, compatible with Bruker BSMS panel. New mouse is equipped with 20 additional keys, including 12 buttons located on a special panel under the thumb that allows one to quickly and accurately press them blindly ensuring ease of shimming and convenience when working with the spectrometer.