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Сonference, October 20-22

On October 20-22 employees of Center for Magnetic resonance took part in the 1st interdisciplinary conference “Modern Solutions for Study of Natural, Synthetic and Biological Materials”. The following works were presented (in Russian).

1. A. Yu. Ivanov, V.V. Sokolov, «Использование селективных одномерных и гибридных двумерных методов спектроскопии ЯМР для определения конфигурации некоторых трициклических конденсированных производных тиазолидина с узловым атомом азота» (oral presentation).
2. V.A. Vovk, S.A. Pylaeva, M. Sigalov, A. Filarowski, P.M. Tolstoy, «Примеры использования динамического ЯМР для определения констант заторможенного вращения вокруг связей CC и CN» (poster).
3. E.V. Kukushkina, M.G. Shelyapina, «Сравнение и анализ спектров ЯМР на ядрах 51V в сплавах Fe(100-x)V(x) и YFe(12-x)V(x)» (poster).
4. M.A. Vovk, A.S. Koneva, E.A. Safonova, «Возможности по измерению диффузии в РЦ МРМИ на примере микроэмульсий» (poster).
5. S.N. Smirnov, A.Yu. Ivanov, E.V. Grachave, I.O. Koshevoy, «Изучение агрегации комплексов платины в растворе методом спектроскопии ЯМР» (poster).
6. N.O. Sablina, V.Yu. Smutin, S.N. Britvon, S.N. Smirnov, V.A. Gindin, I.S. Ignatiev, «Изучение и молекулярный дизайн аллостерических модуляторов mGLuR5 на основе производных 1,2,4-триазин-5-онов» (poster).

Conference, October 20-22

Dear users, due to the 1st interdisciplinary conference “Modern Solutions for Study of Natural, Synthetic and Biological Materials” on October 20-22 there might be delays in fulfilling requests, as employees of the center are actively participating in this conference.

Central European School on Physical Organic Chemistry 2014

We participated in a Central European School on Physical Organic Chemistry, which was held in Psheseka (Poland) 26-30.05.2014

with a lecture

P.M. Tolstoy, S.A. Pylaeva, B. Koeppe, E.Yu. Tupikina, C. Allolio, D. Sebastiani, G.S. Denisov, H.-H. Limbach
«Aprotic Polar Solvent Dynamics and Proton Tautomerism in Strong Hydrogen Bonds. NMR, UV-vis and MD Study»

and a poster

M.A. Vovk, A. Kwocz, T. Kozlecki, P. Tretyakov, P.M. Tolstoy, A. Filarowski
«NMR study of hindered internal rotation in β-hydroxynaphthylamides».

Open Day on April 2

On Wednesday, April 2, 2014 during the conference “Mendeleev-2014” there will take place an open day in our Center. A tour around the Center is scheduled to start at 15:00 to 16:30 for all interested conference participants.

Spinus 2013

Our contribution to the 10th Anniversary of the Winter School conference Spinus 2013:

  1. П.М. Толстой, С.А. Пылаева, Е.Ю. Тупикина, Г.С. Денисов, Д. Себастиани, К. Аллолио, Б. Кёппе, Х.-Х. Лимбах, «Динамика сольватной оболочки и протонный таутомеризм в комплексах с сильной водородной связью»
  2. P.M. Tolstoy, S.A. Pylaeva, E.Yu. Tupikina, G.S. Denisov, D. Sebastiani, C. Allolio, B. Koeppe , H.-H. Limbach “Dynamics of solvation shell and proton tautomerism in complexes with strong hydrogen bond”;

  3. С.М. Сухаржевский, «Принципы ЭПР-спектроскопии»
  4. S.M. Sukharzhevskii “Principles of EPR spectroscopy”;

  5. А.А. Шмырева, «Ядерный магнитный резонанс в магнитоупорядоченных материалах»
  6. A.A. Shmyreva “NMR in magnetically ordered materials”;

  7. А.В. Выводцева, И. Рыков, В.И. Чижик, М.Г. Шеляпина, «Подвижность водорода в многокомпонентных сплавах переходных металлов»
  8. A.V. Vyvodtceva, I. Rykov, V.I. Chizhik, M.G. Shelyapina “Mobility of hydrogen in multicomponent alloys of transition metals”;

  9. А.Ю. Култаева, С.М. Сухаржевский, «Исследование палеонтологических биообъектов методом ЭПР»
  10. A.Yu. Kultaeva, S.M. Sukharzhevskii “Paleontological study of biological objects by EPR”;

  11. С.А. Пылаева, Р.Е. Асфин, А.А. Гуринов, П.М. Толстой, Г.С. Денисов, «Исследование структуры смеси ацетона с трифторуксусной кислотой при различных концентрациях компонентов методами спектроскопии комбинационного рассеяния и ЯМР»
  12. S.A. Pylaeva, R.E. Asfin, A.A. Gurinov, P.M. Tolstoy, G.S. Denisov “Investigation of the structure of acetone mixture with trifluoroacetic acid at different concentrations of components by Raman spectroscopy and NMR”;

  13. С.О. Рабдано, А.В. Донец, «Микроструктура и подвижность в водных растворах аминокислот по данным ЯМР и квантовой химии»
  14. S.O. Rabdano, A.V. Donets “Microstructure and mobility of aminoacids in aqueous solutions by NMR and quantum chemistry”;

  15. Е.Ю. Тупикина, П.М. Толстой, Г.С. Денисов, «CH-группа как донор протона: структура и свойства комплексов с водородной связью»
  16. E.Yu. Tupikina, P.M. Tolstoy, G.S. Denisov «CH-group as a proton donor: structure and properties of complexes with hydrogen bonding”.
    Best poster award.


At the 3rd Russian-Mexican Workshop on Nanoparticles, Nanomaterials and Nanoprocessing our Ceter employees have presented the following oral presentations::

  • P. Tolstoy “Introduction to center for magnetic resonance at St Petersburg State University”;
  • A. Gurinov “NMR study of Lewis and Brønsted acidic centers of aluminated SBA-15 Silicas”;
  • E. Kurenkova “NQR/NMR studies in zero-field at Center for Magnetic Resonance”;
  • A. Shmyreva “Investigation of metal nanoparticles by the example of Co-59 NMR technic”;

and posters:

  • A. Kultaeva, S. Sukharzhevskii, A. Antipov “Study of hydroxyapatites structure by electron paramagnetic resonance”;
  • A. Vyvodtceva, M. Shelyapina, A. Privalov, F. Fujara, D. Fruchart “1H NMR study of hydrogen diffusion in the transition metal alloys lattice”.

Photos are in our gallery.

Later on collegues from Mexico have visited our Center.

RuMex-2013 excursion

Science and Progress 2013

Tupikina G-RISC diploma
The work of Elena Tupikina that was carried out using equipment of our Center (and also Research Centre for X-ray Diffraction Studies, Computer Center и Center for optical and laser materials research), was awarded at the conference “Science and Progress 2013.”

«Crossing Borders»

During the «Crossing Borders» conference Peter Tolstoy gave a talk about the Center for Magnetic Resonance, its operating principles and progress.

Horizons of Hydrogen Bond Research

The Center’s employees took part in the XX international conference “Horizons of Hydrogen Bond Research

  • E. Tupikina, P. Tolstoy, G. Denisov, “Hydrogen bonds formed by CH-acids: structure and NMR properties of complexes of 1,1-dinitroethane with various proton acceptors”
  • P. Tolstoy, B. Koeppe, S. Pylaeva, G. Denisov, H.-H. Limbach, “Solvent Dynamics and Proton Tautomerism in Strong Hydrogen Bonds. NMR, UV/NMR and IR Study”
  • S. Pylaeva, P. Tolstoy, B. Koeppe, C. Allolio, D. Sebastiani, G. Denisov “OHO and OHN hydrogen bond geometry distribution due to polar solvent fluctuations by means of ab initio molecular dynamics”

Open Doors Day NMRCM-2013

During the 10th International Symposium NMRCM-2013 we successfully held an Open Doors Day.