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School for Young Scientists


The V International School for Young Scientists “Magnetic Resonance and Magnetic Phenomena in Chemical and Biological Physics” will be held on 15 — 20 September. More info.


An Excursion for participants of 13 International Youth School-Conference “Magnetic resonance and its applications – Spinus-2016” was conducted in CMR. A modern NMR, EPR, NQR equpments and some current investigations were demonstrated for our visitors. Peter Tolstoy has presented to the participants of Spinus-2016 a lecture titled “Cooperativity of Strong Hydrogen Bonds Studied by Liquid State NMR Spectroscopy”

Congress of the University of Arctic

picture with partisipants of CMR obtained after video-conference

Within the framework of the Congress of the University of Arctic (12-16.09.2016, St.Petersburg; Peter Tolstoy has given a presentation about the Research Park on the example of the Center for Magnetic Resonance. During the presentation a video-conference has been established, where CMR specialists Anton Mazur and Mikhail Vovk answered the questions about the current projects and the overall workload.

Startup Village 2016

On June 2nd-3rd CMR has participated in Startup Village 2016 in Skolkovo (Moscow). The capabilities of SPbU Research Park of performing investigations by requests of external organisations have been presented. Video clip about Startup Village 2016 can be found here.

Spinus 2015, A. Shmyreva

Anna Shmyreva has presented a report “Nuclear magnetic resonance study of Ni nanoparticles” at the conference Spinus 2015. Video report you can find here (language: Ru).

Spinus 2015, A. S. Mazur

Anton Mazur has presented a report “Application of solid state NMR for studying the properties of magnetically ordered materials” at the conference Spinus 2015. Video report you can find here (language: Ru)

Excursion for participants of the conference

Today, participants of the conference “Development of centers for collective use of scientific equipment and unique research units” have visited our center. During the demonstration our guests have learned how we organize the work, how to start a joint research project and which results were achieved in 2014.


Our contribution to the 11th Winter School conference “Magnetic Resonance and its applications”, Spinus-2014 (title of report in Russian):

1. Толстой П. М., Чан-Хут М., Шазад Ш., Тони М., Шендерович И. Г., Денисов Г. С., Лимбах Х. Х., «Исследование кооперативности водородных связей в витамин B6-зависимых ферментах и модельных системах методом ЯМР»
2. Кукушкина Е.В., Шеляпина М.Г., «ЯМР 51V в неупорядоченных сплавах Fe(1-x)V(x) и YFe(12-x)V(x)»

Conference “Science and Progress 2014”

14 11 24 (3) Science and Progress Diploma Tupikina 2014

Elena Tupikina has received the “best oral presentation” award at the conference “Science and Progress 2014” for the research conducted at the Center for Magnetic Resonance.

Participants of the conference visited the Center for Magnetic Resonance

On 22.10 participants of the 1st interdisciplinary conference “Modern Solutions for Study of Natural, Synthetic and Biological Materials” visited the Center.