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National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (MagLab) is the largest and highest powered magnet lab in the world. The MagLab has seven user facilities located across three campuses. MagLab offers scientists from across the globe free access to unique instruments and expertise.
Among the instruments there are several record holders, including the 45-tesla hybrid magnet, which offers scientists the strongest continuous magnetic field in the world. Also there are resistive magnet cells, several superconducting magnets operating at millikelvin temperatures, pulsed magnets ranging from 50T to 100T, and up to the 300T Single Turn Magnet, of different pulse widths to support a wide variety of users.

More information about MagLab you can find here.


Total in June 1092 service applications were carried out.
All together measured:

  • 1061 1H spectra
  • 241 13C spectra
  • 72 DEPT spectra
  • 34 COSY spectra
  • 13 NOESY spectra
  • 46 31P spectra
  • 36 19F spectra

176 applications were carried out.

SPA procedures