Archive for February 26, 2014

New records

During one day on February 24 a record number of 95 applications was registered at the Centre.

Magnetless resonance spectrometer is up and running

After a long break the Tecmag Redstone spectrometer (NQR and NMR spectra of magnetically ordered materials in zero external magnetic field) became operational again. People started to pass their first samples to the Center. The figures show the NMR signal of bulk 57Fe nuclei and samples of the Fe100-xVx type and others.

New probehead

UV-NMR probe
As a result of self-sacrificing actions of our eminent staff a new 500 MHz low-temperature inverse two-channel 1H/13C NMR probehead which is capable to measure UV absorption and NMR spectra simultaneously appeared in our Center.


Today, the total run time of requests for measuring spectra since the official launch of the Center on the 1st of April 2013 exceeded 10,000 hours. And this is without service spectra.

Gas cylinders

Gas cylinders were delivered today and installed into our new gas distribution system.

January 2014

Total in January 562 service applications were carried out.

All together measured:

  • 545 1H spectra
  • 118 13C spectra
  • 54 DEPT spectra
  • 3 COSY spectra
  • 1 NOESY spectra
  • 21 31P spectra
  • 24 19F spectra

44 applications were carried out which jointly took 641 hours of measurements.