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Visit of the Nobel Prize winner

Today Ryōji Noyori, the Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry in 2001, visited our Center. The day before he became Honorary Doctor at St. Petersburg State University.


Filled the magnets with liquid Helium

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Internal seminar 22.05

V. A. Lovchkov, professor of Federal State Unitary Enterprise S.Y. Lebedev Research Institute for synthetic rubber presented a talk regarding high-resolution NMR of macromolecules.

A moment of narcissism

HP WL HT NMR probe-2
In its ad of the high-temperature probeheads Bruker has placed the photo of the one owned by us. That confirms our probehead to be the most beautiful among all similar probeheads.

Zeitschrift für Physikalische Chemie 2013

Y. Rozhkova, A. A. Gurinov, P. M. Tolstoy, G. S. Denisov, I. G. Shenderovich und V. I. Korotkov

“Acridine – a Promising Fluorescence Probe of Non-Covalent Molecular Interactions”

Zeitschrift für Physikalische Chemie, 2013, accepted

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Anna Shmyreva has got a certificate

Anna Shmyreva has completed the training in the University of São Paulo, Brazil, and got the certificate.

Z. Phys. Chem. 2013

Benjamin Koeppe, Erik T. J. Nibbering, Peter M. Tolstoy

“NMR and FT-IR studies on the association of derivatives of thymidine, adenosine, and 6-N-methyl-adenosine in aprotic solvents”

Z. Phys. Chem. 2013, accepted.


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Internal seminar 08.05

Nils Sorgenfrei, PhD student from Uni Regensburg, Germany, presented a talk regarding asymmetric ion-pairing catalysis investigation with NMR.

April’s total

During the first month of the work of the Center 59 projects were approved and 76 users were registered.

Total in April 1032 service applications were carried out.

All together measured:

  • 985 1H spectra
  • 244 13C spectra
  • 114 DEPT spectra
  • 6 COSY spectra
  • 8 NOESY spectra
  • 5 31P spectra
  • 9 19F spectra

Besides, 42 applications were carried out which jointly took 311 hours of measurements.