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Happy New Year!

A small New Year Party

The renovation is finally almost over

At least everybody has got a table in the office, a PC and a new lab coat.

All magnets are charged now

After the charging up the last pair of magnets today the total “frequency” of all our spectrometers has exceeded 2 GHz

Bruker 400 WB
Bruker 500

Our contribution to the 9th Winter Youth School Conference Spinus 2012

9th Winter Youth School Conference Spinus 2012, St. Petersburg, Russia, 3-8.12.2012.

a) Lecture
P.M. Tolstoy, H.-H. Limbach, N.S. Golubev, G.S. Denisov, I.G. Shenderovich, S.N. Smirnov, B. Koeppe, J. Guo, S.A. Pylaeva, E.Yu. Tupikina
“Correlations between NMR parameters and hydrogen bond geometry”;

b) Oral presentation
S.A. Pylaeva, B. Koeppe, P.M. Tolstoy, G.S. Denisov
“Solvent effects on the geometry of the OHN hydrogen bond in the 2-methylpyridine – chloroacetic acid complex”

c) Poster
E.Yu. Tupikina, P.M. Tolstoy, S.A. Pylaeva, S.N. Smirnov, G.S. Denisov
“CH acid 1,1-dinitroethan as a hydrogen bond proton donor”

Our DPX-300 got a certificate

The Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology has checked our DPX-300 and confirmed that it performed even better than the standard required.