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VII Symposium NMR in Chemistry, Physics and Biological Sciences

In the VII Symposium «Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry, Physics and Biological Sciences» that took place on 25-28 of September 2012 in Warsaw, Poland, we presented a talk:

Peter Tolstoy, Benjamin Koeppe, Jing Guo, Svetlana Pylaeva, Elena Tupikina, Gleb Denisov, Hans-Heinrich Limbach

«Effects of Solvation Shell Structure and Dynamics on Geometry and NMR/UV-vis Spectra of H-bonded Complexes»

and two posters:

1) Elena Tupikina, Peter Tolstoy, Sergey Smirnov, Nikolai Golubev, Gleb Denisov «Hydroxyphenyl Benzimidazole as Catalyst for Hydrolysis Reaction: Serine Protease Active Site Model»

2) Svetlana Pylaeva, Peter Tolstoy, Benjamin Koeppe, Christoph Allolio, Daniel Sebastiani, Gleb Denisov «Distribution of Hydrogen Bond Geometries and Spectroscopic Parameters Due to the Solvent-Solute Interactions Studied by Means of Computer Simulations».

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