NMRCM-2012 conference

On the NMRCM-2012 conference that took place in St. Petersburg on the 9-14 of July 2012 were presented two talks

P. Tolstoy, B. Koeppe, S. Pylaeva, E. T. J. Nibbering, D. Sebastiani, G. Denisov, H.-H. Limbach, “Solvation of H-Bonded Complexes by Polar Aprotic Solvents: Coupling of the Proton Position to the Solvent Configuration”.


S. Pylaeva, P. Tolstoy, B. Koeppe, C. Allolio, D. Sebastiani, G. Denisov, “Fluctuations of H-bond geometry due to the solvent-solute interactions studied by means of computer simulations”.

The latter was awarded for the best poster.

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