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Семинар К. Крисостома

Сегодня на семинаре рц МРМИ состоялся доклад Карлоса Эрнесто Авила Крисостома (институт физики имени Луиса Ривера Террасаса, Пуэбла, Мексика):
“Магнитные свойства наноструктур на основе синтетических опалов”

ЯМР диффузия

Рис 6 Град имп(ру)
Краткий обзор диффузионных экспериментов в спектроскопии ЯМР

Брошюры ресурсного центра

Ознакомиться с деятельностью ресурсного центра можно в новой версии брошюры рц МРМИ.

Гости ресурсного центра

Гость ресурсного центра проф. д-р Марк Сигалов из университета Бен-Гуриона (Беэр-Шева, Израиль) работает над совместной публикацией.

Небольшой обзор методик ЯМР твердого тела

Часто встречающиеся (базовые) методы съемки спектров ЯМР твердого тела

Tetrahedron Lett. 2015, 56, 5714-5717

D.I. Nilov, A.V. Vasilyev

“One-pot tandem hydrophenylation and ionic hydrogenation of 3-phenylpropynoic acid derivatives under superelectrophilic activation”

Tetrahedron Lett., 2015, 56, 5714-5717


The reactions of esters and amides of 3-phenylpropynoic acid with strong Lewis acids AlX3 (X = Cl, Br) or conjugate Brønsted–Lewis superacids HX-AlX3 (X = Cl, Br) in benzene and cyclohexane at room temperature afforded 3,3-diphenylpropanoic acid derivatives in up to 94% yield. This tandem reaction of the acetylene bond proceeded by hydrophenylation followed by ionic hydrogenation.

J Org. Chem. 2015, 80, 9506-9517

A.N. Kazakova, R.O. Iakovenko, I.A. Boyarskaya, V.G. Nenajdenko, A.V. Vasilyev

“Acid-Promoted Reaction of Trifluoromethylated Allyl Alcohols with Arenes. Stereoselective Synthesis of CF3‑Alkenes and CF3‑Indanes”

J Org. Chem., 2015, 80, 9506-9517

Reaction of 4-aryl-1,1,1-trifluorobut-3-en-2-ols [CF3-allyl alcohols, ArCH═CHCH(OH)CF3] with arenes under activation with anhydrous FeCl3 or FSO3H was studied. We found that the transformation led to trifluoromethylated alkenes [Ar(Ar′)CHCH═CHCF3] or 1-trifluoromethylated indanes (CF3-indanes). The formation of these two types of reaction products strongly depends on the nucleophilicity of the starting arene and the electrophilicity of cationic intermediates generated from CF3-allyl alcohols under reaction conditions. Benzene, anisole, veratrole, and ortho-xylene lead exclusively to CF3-alkenes with an E-configuration. More π-donating polymethylated arenes (pseudocumene, mesitylene) afford only CF3-indanes with a predominantly cis-orientation of substituents at positions 1 and 3 of the indane ring. Meta- and para-xylenes show an intermediate behavior; they may form both CF3-alkenes and/or CF3-indanes. The mechanisms of the investigated transformations are discussed.


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