Transition Met. Chem., 2016, 41, 387–392

A.M. Afanasenko, E.Yu. Bulatov, T.G. Chulkova, M. Haukka, F.M. Dolgushin

“An efficient method for selective oxidation of (oxime)Pt(II) to (oxime)Pt(IV) species using N,N-dichlorotosylamide”

Transition Met. Chem., 2016, 41, 387–392

The oxidation of (oxime)PtII species using the electrophilic chlorine-based oxidant N,N-dichlorotosylamide (4-CH3C6H4SO2NCl2) was studied. The reactions of trans-[PtCl2(oxime)2] (where oxime = acetoxime, cyclopentanone oxime, or acetaldoxime) with this oxidant led to trans-[PtCl4(oxime)2] products. The oxidation of trans-[Pt(o-OC6H4CH = NOH)2] at room temperature gave trans-[PtCl2(o-OC6H4CH = NOH)2], whereas the same reaction upon heating was accompanied by electrophilic substitution of the benzene rings.

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