Separation Sci. Tech., 2016, 51(7), 1103-1111

D.N. Konshina, V.V. Open’ko, Z.A. Temerdashev, A.A. Gurinov, V.V. Konshin

“Synthesis of novel silica-gel-supported thiosemicarbazide and its properties for solid phase extraction of mercury”

Separation Sci. Tech., 2016, 51(7), 1103-1111

A new thiosemicarbazidе-modified silica gel (SG-THSC) sorbent was prepared. The sorbent was quantified by adsorption of mercury ions on silica gel, desorption and then spectrophotometry detection of mercury ions. The retention parameters (sample flow rate, eluent type, sample volume, presence of foreign ions, shaking time, sample flow rate and volume, eluent condition, interfering substances) were investigated. The quantitative recovery (>95%) of Hg(II) ions could be obtained by use of 5 mL of 6 mol L−1 HCl. The adsorption capacity of SG-THSC was found to be 98.3 mg g–1 at optimum pH. The maximum preconcentration factor was 400. The technique detection limit was 70 ng L–1, and the relative standard deviation was lower than 4.0% (n = 6). The studied sorbent was applied to preconcentrate the trace Hg(II) from the mineralised residues of fish and seawater samples.

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