Первая статья пользователей РЦ 2016 года

A.N. Shestakov, М.А. Кuznetsov

“Synthesis of Di-, Tri-, and Tetracyclopropylhydrazines”

Chem.Comm, 2016, 52, 2398-2400

Previously unknown 1,1-dicyclopropylhydrazine was obtained in two steps starting from dicyclopropylamine. It serves as a convenient starting material to tri- and tetracyclopropylhydrazines, which have not been described in the literature either. Tricyclopropylhydrazine was prepared in an overall four-step sequence featuring the de Meijere–Chaplinski modification of the Kulinkovich reaction as a key step. Tetracyclopropylhydrazine was obtained by the reductive amination of the cyclopropanone ethyl trimethylsilyl acetal with 1,1-dicyclopropylhydrazine or with the parent hydrazine. Synthetic utility of these cyclopropylhydrazine building blocks is presented as well.

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